1983 - Established in Abu Dhabi as Al Bawardi Marine Services Company (ABMS), as a department in Al Bawardi Enterprises, in response to developments in the marine industry.
1996 - Al Bawardi Marine Services Company (ABMS) branched out as an independent entity due to major restructuring, and was equipped with her own team, fleet of vessels and headquarter.
2003 - Renamed as Marine Capabilities (Marcap) LLC. Revamping of fleet by acquisition of larger and technologically more advanced vessels. "Marcap" which means "boat" in Arabic, is now an approved contractor serving all oil operating companies in Abu Dhabi and major clients in the UAE and neighbouring Gulf countries.
2010 - Expanded into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as Saudi Marcap and accepted as contractor in the marine industry by Saudi Aramco. Awarded charter of DSV for stabilization of 06 pipelines in shallow water. Subsequently awarded 02 long term charters for AHTSS for 03 years period followed by 03 years extension.
Today - Owner and operator of a diversified and technologically advanced fleet of over 20 vessels, comprising Pilot Boat, Crew Boat, Utility Vessel, Tugboat, AHT, AHTS (DP2), PSV (DP2), Maintenance Vessel, Supply Vessel, Cargo Barge, LCT, covering oilfield and civil projects.