June 1, 2021

We are excited to announce that 2021 is bringing us a happy occasion to celebrate. This year marks MarCap reaching a milestone of 25 years of effectively serving the UAE and Middle East markets.

Hard work and dedication are imperative for any successful business. It is also important to remind ourselves of our achievements. What was the seed of the business? Where are we standing today? How many crises have been overcome? How many employees developed their career here?

In this article, we would like to dig into MarCap History. 25 years of existence is only the tip of the iceberg. Behind any business, there are personalities who make the story more exciting.

From where we started? Let us dive into 1980. Imagine Abu Dhabi that time. Employees use boats to reach work sides on islands. The Corniche is not at the same place where it is today, bridges connecting the Island with the land are not yet built, no skyscrapers, no modern cars, no traffic lights, but roundabouts, construction everywhere across the city. Such a fruitful time to start something for those who love opportunities.

Mr. Samer Qiblawi, who is today the President and CEO of MarCap, was one of those who decided to give it a shot and try himself in his own business. Al Bawardi Marine Service Company was established in 1983 as a part of a department in Al Bawardi. Could you feel the weight of experience? Now you know that 25 years is just a part of it, but the rest 13 are hidden in history.

MarCap started years counter from that moment the company got independence in 1996 as a separate entity with its own team, a fleet of vessels and headquarter. It was renamed as Marine Capabilities (MarCap) only in 2003. If you are not speaking Arabic, you do not know that MarCap means ‘a boat’, so you are missing the wordplay in the company name. In 2010 company expanded to Saudi Arabia as Saudi MarCap and was an approved direct contractor by Saudi Aramco. Last Year we celebrated 10 years of presence in KSA, significantly, the same year we doubled the working fleet there serving a new client named Khafji Joint Operations (KJO).

Where is MarCap today? 38 Years of experience and growth, 2 onshore homes in UAE and KSA and about 30 homes on water with a family of around 300 members. During crises, the company always stayed afloat due to the strictly set coarse and close-knit teamwork. There is a movement within the personnel and dynamic career development for those who are eager to learn more and grow.

Starting from 2019 MarCap implemented the “Happiness Program” to keep people cheerful at the working station. We value all our assets, but the most precious is our team and our clients. We look forward to another 25 years, to beat new challenges and to more success.

MARCAP Marine Capabilities LLC

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Lulu Street, Safar Travel Building
3rd Floor, P.O Box 30175  
Tel:        +971 2 622 5100
Email:    info@marcap.ae

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,
Al Khubar
34226 - 6700, Unit No 108
Tel:        +966 13 859 1972
Email:    info@saudimarcap.com

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